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Verimi integrates SSI standards into ID wallet and becomes project partner for building a European digital identity ecosystem


  • Verimi-Wallet for digital identities is live with over 30 partners in more than 40 use cases in regulated and non-regulated sectors
  • Verimi incorporates SSI-based attributes into the ID-Wallet and underlines its core principle of self-sovereign digital data management by users
  • Verimi participates as a project partner in the IDunion network to actively support the development of standards and use cases for an open and decentralised identity network

Berlin, 08. Juni 2021. Verimi strengthens its positioning as an ID-Wallet provider and adds Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI) based attributes to its established platform. With their digital wallet, the Verimi-Wallet, users can already prove their identity with a high level of security in a user-friendly and completely digital way. In addition to the identity card, users can deposit further documents and attributes in a verified manner, such as the passport, bank details, e-mail address and soon a driving licence. More than 30 partners from the private and public sector have connected the Verimi-Wallet in over 40 use cases.

“The principle of self-sovereign identities is in line with our belief that the user has sovereignty and transparent control over their digital data” said Roland Adrian, CEO and spokesman for the management of Verimi GmbH. “Given the live operation of the Verimi-Wallet, it is very important for us to build the bridge between SSI concepts and the valid regulatory and security framework.”

Verimi participates in the IDunion network to support the development of standards and use cases for an open and decentralised ecosystem of digital identities in Europe as part of this project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). In the SSI context, Verimi can act both as an issuer and as a wallet due to its architecture. Verimi complies with the current requirements for a high level of trust in the proof of identity, including the Money Laundering Act, the Telecommunications Act and the European eIDAS Regulation.

“Important components as well as the excellent UX of our ID-Wallet have proven themselves in practical operation”, says Dr. Dirk Woywod, Managing Director and CTO at Verimi “so we can concentrate specifically on expanding our platform to include the issuing, storage and presentation of SSI credentials. This enables us to quickly and broadly implement many practically relevant use cases. By participating in the IDunion network, we will be able to directly apply the standards for interoperability and portability in building the open SSI ecosystem.”


About Verimi

The Verimi-Wallet covers all functions related to digital identity: Identifying, logging in, paying and signing – easily, completely digitally and with the same user experience across all partners in public and private sectors. In order to initially capture identity data digitally, all common methods are used, e.g. eID, Video, Bank, Photo and On-site Ident – on Verimi.de or integrated into the use cases of the partners. Verimi offers particularly high security and data protection standards with data processing in Europe and integration of the secure local storage of the personal smartphone. The Verimi platform and the two-factor authentication have been successfully tested by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at the trust level “substantial”. As a regulated payment institution, Verimi is obliged to comply with the Money Laundering Act (AML). Shareholders are Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Core, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, Giesecke+Devrient, Here Technologies, Samsung and Volkswagen.

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About IDunion

IDunion is an open ecosystem for trusted identities, which started on 1 April 2021 in the second project phase funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the innovation competition “Showcase Secure Digital Identities”. The showcase projects are an innovation competition of the Federal Government for the development of digital solutions for identity management in Germany. It is based on the funding framework “Development of Digital Technologies”. The theme of the competition is the development and everyday testing of outstanding approaches for the broad application of secure digital identities.

Based on the concept of self-determined identity, IDunion aims to establish an ecosystem for natural persons, companies and things. To this end, applications are being piloted in a wide range of areas. These are divided into the following areas: Education, e-commerce, mobility, e-government, e-health, finance, identity & access management (IAM) and industry/IoT. Concrete application examples include the derivation of the identity card into the available wallets, campus management and educational certificates for students, as well as master data management for companies or product identities.

In addition, the network has set itself several other ambitious goals, such as building a comprehensive framework to further expand trust in the underlying technology. Furthermore, the partners are working together on the conception and implementation of safety-relevant aspects. The wallet and other software applications developed within the consortium will also be further developed to ensure an optimal user experience and wider dissemination.

More information and an overview of the project partners can be found on the website www.idunion.org. For specific questions about the project consortium, please contact the consortium leader Main Incubator GmbH.

Press contact IDunion