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Verimi Services

Verimi packages all services related to the digital identity of your customers. In this way we ensure that users always have control over their data. You can focus on your core business without the bother of keeping up to date with the latest rules and regulations. We take care of this for you.


Verimi Ident is a simple digital ID – for you and your customers.


The Verimi login opens the door to the Verimi services: for companies, public authorities and users.


Verimi allows you, your employees and your customers to sign documents online with just one click.

Verimi is your identity platform

Join Verimi’s digital ecosystem and benefit from the platform effect: As a platform, we cooperate with various ID and trust service providers. Always with the goal of providing you with the best solutions to grow your business. This allows you to offer your customers secure and convenient processes. Fully digital, with all services from a single source.

Our offer for your business

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Verify customer identity

Shorten times for identity checks and get customers on board faster: integrate seamless identification procedures directly into your processes.

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Reduce risks to your business

Be it GwG (German AMLA), KYC, GDPR or PSD2 – with Verimi you are compliant with the regulatory requirements of your sectors.

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Customer login provision

Get your customers to their goals faster. Verimi’s simple login solution allows your customers to store and reuse identity data and personal data with you. Secured with a second factor if necessary.

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Obtain digital signatures

Make processes more efficient: integrate our digital signature into your contract or application processes. This allows your customers to simply sign digitally in the process.

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Convenient and secure payment provisions

Convenient and secure payment provisions.

A uniform and secure user experience?
Combine Verimi services.

dienste verimi uebersicht
dienste verimi uebersicht

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