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Verimi Local-Ident

Your customer identifies themself on site, securely and legally compliant. During the identity check their identification document is recorded electronically.

5-step identification

How it works:

Employee guided identification

When using Local-Ident, the identification is carried out by employees who directly or indirectly distribute or mediate your goods or services. It is important to ensure that these people are already experienced in dealing with money laundering law compliant identifications and receive regular training to this effect.

Your benefits at a glance

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High close rates

Your customers and employees are digitally guided through the identification

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No manual effort

Paperless identification for a simple and sustainable process

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We comply with legal and regulatory standards (AML, TCA, eIDAS)

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Fraud protection

Particularly secure through digital legitimation on site at the point of sale (POS)

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Seamless integration

Our solution fits your existing infrastructure

What's required

  • An identity card or passport
  • An iPad with the Verimi business app, provided on site‚Äč
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Use cases

Local-Ident is ideal if you want to identify customers digitally without manual document handling while ensuring that the legitimation process is accompanied by an employee on site at the point of sale (POS). Use Local-Ident when concluding loan agreements, vehicle sales or to allow paperless applications in government administrations or in the healthcare sector. 

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