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Verimi services easily integrated

Get started with Verimi – with just a few steps for integration

planung integration verimi
We plan together with you how we integrate the desired Verimi service into your existing system.
integration verimi dienste
On the basis of a mutual exchange of expertise, we support you in the integration of Verimi Services.
go live und durchstarten
Prepare Go-Live and get started. After successful tests you go live with the Verimi Services of your choice.

Technical information

You can easily integrate all Verimi services via APIs. Verimi provides you with a test environment, extensive documentation, SDKs, and an integration support team. Send an email to partner-support@verimi.com to get test access.

Verimi API

The Verimi APIs are HTTP-based RESTfull APIs. We use the industry standards OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 for authentication/authorization. The input and output format is JSON.

Verimi software development kits (SDKs) and plugins

Verimi offers SDKs and plugins for the most common programming languages (Java, PHP) as well as shop and CMS systems (including WordPress, Magento, Shopware and Drupal) to simplify integration for you. Other SDKs and plugins are planned (including Keycloak and Salesforce).

Verimi Security

Secure digital identities are the basis for legally compliant and trustworthy online processes. Our published Security White Paper provides transparency about Verimi’s security setup.