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The identity platform for all sectors

Our vision is to make it easy for users in all industries to use their data instead of having to register and identify themselves again and again. This is why we are working on a central solution instead of many individual solutions for the digital identity of the future.

Verimi provides you with the identities of (new) customers collected in accordance with the Money Laundering Act (GwG), or seamlessly determines these directly when opening accounts. In this way you comply with the comprehensive guidelines for combating money laundering (AML): Verimi ensures KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant customer identification by effectively verifying proof of identity according to EU standards. Verimi Ident ensures, for example, that your customers can open their bank accounts completely online with just a few clicks.

Verimi provides easy and secure access to digital government services. By incorporating online ID card functionality, Verimi offers secure citizen identification (Verimi Ident) and authentication (Verimi Access). Verimi supports the digitization of administration and the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG).

Sharing patient data for the medical care of the future requires compliance with high security standards. Verimi gives you GDPR-compliant and easy-to-integrate data sharing and identification processes (Verimi Access und Verimi Ident).

For car sharing, public transport or long-haul transport, Verimi helps you identify (Verimi Ident) and authorise (Verimi Access) passengers and drivers. You can also use the Verimi login to control vehicle access permission for self-drive solutions, booking platforms and check-in platforms.

Integrating Verimi (Verimi Ident und Verimi Access) into online gaming services makes it easier for you to identify your users and thus obtain age certificates compliant with youth protection regulations. In addition, the login can be secured by a second factor.

Verimi helps you ensure high standards of security for your bets. Offer your users convenient access to your betting services with Verimi Access and use Verimi¬†Ident¬†to ensure compliance with age restrictions in accordance with youth protection regulations, as well as the provisions of the Money Laundering Act (GwG) and the Gambling State Treaty (Gl√ľStV).

Verimi Ident enables you to fully comply with the requirements of the Federal Network Agency, which apply, for example, to the purchase of SIM cards. Benefit from quick and low-cost provision of your customers’ identity data.

Digitalise previously analogue processes for your members. Verimi Access allows you to offer your members convenient registration and secure login whilst simply outsourcing technical management. In this way you meet all GDPR and youth protection standards.

Verimi Ident enables you to obtain the identity data of your (new) customers completely digitally. By incorporating Verimi Sign, you can also easily obtain legally valid digital signatures for policies. Compliance with the Money Laundering Act (GwG) and data protection regulations is a matter of course.

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