Pay conveniently

Add your bank account details to your Verimi-Account to pay quickly and securely with Verimi.

Pay online without much effort

With Verimi you can pay online comfortably and securely in the shops of our partners: Simply enter your bank account data once in your Verimi-Account and use it right away.

Benefits to you:

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Very convenient

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Fast checkout

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No further login necessary

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No data entry

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Control over your data usage

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Account data security

Paying with Verimi - how it works:

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Enter personal data to identify yourself.
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Trigger payment.
bequem online bezahlen
Purchase completed.

Try Verimi Instant Pay in soft launch

Verimi Instant Pay is from now on available in soft launch to selected users. With our new product users will able to make a direct and secure payment to a merchant by using their online banking data and confirming the transaction with a bank generated TAN.

You are interested in testing our Verimi Instant Pay? With the amount of 0.05 EUR, you can try out this new Payment Initiation Service. The funds will be donated to a charity organization of Verimi’s choice.

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