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Log in securely

Connect your Verimi-Account with just a few clicks with your accounts of our partners. Afterwards you can log in to our partners with only one password.

Safely on the web with just one login

With your Verimi Wallet you log in securely and have access to all your linked user accounts. All of this is very convenient, without having to remember different passwords.

Benefits for you:

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Cross-sector login

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Universally usable

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Additional protection of your account data with a second factor on the smartphone

What is a second factor?

A second factor is an additional security feature (PIN or biometric feature) that protects your account every time you log in. The second factor can be used with a smartphone. A second factor is also required in order to use all functions of your Verimi Wallet (e.g. storing ID data).

A second factor gives you:

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Additional protection for sensitive data in your account

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Easy approval of transactions and processes, such as data transfer

Log in with Verimi – how it works:

Transfer personal data from Verimi-Account to service.
einloggen verimi
In future simply log in with Verimi.
verimi services schneller nutzen
Use services faster without new registration.
rechtsgueltig online unterschreiben

Functions of your ID wallet