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Verimi Video-Ident

The data of your customer’s ID is verified and its security features are checked for authenticity in a video call with a service employee.

2-step identification

How it works:

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1 Video call

The customer is guided through the identification by a service employee in a video call

2 Enter SMS-TAN

They conclude their identification by entering an SMS-TAN

With Verimi

Safe and legally compliant test procedures

Document authenticity

Is the document authentic? Has it been tampered with?

Fraud prevention

Is it possible to rule out fraud attempts?

Validity check

Is the document valid?

Liveness detection

Is the person identifying alive?

Video-ID comparison

Is the person in the video call the same as the person on the identification document?

Data cross-reference-check​

Does the provided data match the data on the ID document?

Your benefits at a glance

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Telecommunications Act (TCA) and eIDAS compliant

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Protection against internet fraud

Verification in personal video call with a service employee

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Higher conversion

Identity check with agent promotes lower dropout rate

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Established method

Trust in a long-established procedure in the field of digital identity checks

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Easy integration

Seamless integration into your individual infrastructure

What's required

  • Valid German identity card or passport
  • In addition, many international identity documents are recognized
  • Internet capable device with a functioning camera and a microphone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Mobile phone to receive an SMS-TAN
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Use cases

Video-Ident is already successfully used in various sectors. It can be deployed to identify customers for online sales of SIM cards, to activate digital services of your health insurance, for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant conclusions of insurance deals and more. Offer your clients a user-friendly identity check that is legally compliant. 

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