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Verimi Access

The Verimi login is the door opener to the Verimi Services – for companies, authorities and users. It allows customers to access their data and use them flexibly in their customer portal – e.g. for online orders or opening a bank account. Verimi offers the convenience of a single sign-on in compliance with European security standards.

Advantages for Companies

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Single sign-on option with strong security (two-factor authentication)

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Login with additional security feature according to PSD2 standards

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Outsourcing of login management

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Easy integration according to industry standards OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 and support from our integration team

Advantages for Users

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Cross-sector login

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Universally usable

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Additional protection of account data through a second factor on the smartphone

How it works:

sichere Daten ID
Have personal and identity data of users transferred from Verimi-Account.
digitaler Login sicher
User login with Verimi.
digitale ID registrieren
Offer services to users more quickly without having to register again.

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