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Verimi Wallet-Ident

Speed up your identification processes and increase your completion rate with Wallet-Ident. Your customers use their already verified and stored data to identify themselves.
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Digitaler Personalausweis, Führerschein und COVID-Zertifikate im Verimi ID-Wallet
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User-friendly UX

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Protection of original documents

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Verified data (KYC)

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Secure through two-factor authentication (2FA)

Data transfer with the Verimi Wallet

Once verified, customers can store their digital proof of identity in their Verimi Wallet, the digital wallet, and use it again whenever they wish. This enables them to re-identify with one of our cross-industry partners in less than a minute and without another verification process. In addition, personal data such as email address, phone number, bank details or tax ID as well as other attributes such as the COVID certificate can be stored and accessed in the Verimi Wallet. Existing Verimi users can share their already verified data with you via the Verimi Wallet with just one click, for example when concluding a contract.

Your benefits at a glance

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Compliance with the regulatory requirements of your sector (AML, TCA, eIDAS)

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Strong conversion

One click identification accelerates your processes and promotes a lower dropout rate/error rate

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Available around the clock

Data transfer is not time restricted, enabling more business deals

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Usable without effort

Use of our Ident methods allows identification via Verimi Wallet without additional integration effort

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Ensures a high data security level and a secure process

What's required

  • A Verimi account with stored ID
  • A device with internet connection​
  • No Verimi app
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Use cases

Just like with an analogue wallet, your customer can use his digital identify to verify themself – for instance when concluding an insurance policy or mobile phone contract, for electronic applications in state administrations as well as player registration in online gaming.

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